Hai Son Group is operated by Hai Son Co., Ltd. and its member companies.

Hai Son Co., Ltd. was established in 2003 and is managed by Mr. Trinh Van Hai - General Director. After nearly 20 years of construction and development, until now Hai Son Group has become a strong brand in the field of Investment - Mining - Construction of industrial parks and residential areas.

In the process of formation and development, the corporation has invested and established member companies. Up to now, the ecosystem of Hai Son Group has more than 10 member companies and associated companies to serve the company's activities.

With the motto "Quality and Friendly" Hai Son Group always put the interests of customers first. The operating policies and principles of the company are always directed to a single goal of bringing customers the Sustainable and long-term value.

Hai Son Industrial Zone project, stage 1-2, with a total area of ​​102 ha

Hai Son Industrial Park Project, stage 3-4, with a total area of ​​553 ha, including the project:

- Hai Son industrial park, stage 3 - 4: 338 ha

- Hai Son Galaxy Residential Area - Specialist Street: 115 ha

In addition to the Hai Son Industrial Park project, Hai Son Group also has other projects such as:

- Xuyen A industrial park

- Hai Son - Duc Hoa Dong Industrial Park

- Southeast Asia Industrial Park (Tan Tap)

- Hai Son - Long Thuong industrial complex

- Five stars Eco City (Can Giuoc)

With diverse ecosystems and many years of experience in the industry and enthusiastic, enthusiastic staff of Hai Son Group, it is expected to be "a destination for investors".

Sincerely thank you!