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Viet Phat industrial Park

  • Viet Phat Industrial Park is located in Tan Long Commune, Thu Thua District, Long An Province.
  • Investor: Tan Thanh Long An Investment Joint Stock Company
  • Investment cooperation: Son Long Tho Joint Stock Company, a member company of Hai Son Corp.
  • Total area: 1213.7 Hectare
[ leadership vision ]

Business philosophy

Prestige is the leading motto in the business philosophy of the company's leadership. Hai Son Corp. is one of the leading prestigious companies in the field of investment and construction of industrial park infrastructure in Long An province.


Quality is the leading criterion in all criteria that the management sets forth throughout of any project.


We always has many policies to attract long-term investment. In addition, Viet Phat Industrial Park's leadership regularly organizes activities to connect investors with each other and investors with foreign companies. The goal is to create sustainable and long-term development.

Sustainable value
[ construction criteria ]

Eco-Industrial Park

Green Network

The Management Board and Enterprise in Industrial Park are responsible for integrating the companies or departments in its supply chain into the green industrial network.

Green system

The Management Board of Industrial Parks and Enterprises is responsible for systematic environmental management including monitoring, evaluation and continuous improvement.

Green activities

The Management Board of the Industrial Park and enterprise must establish and implement programs to reduce the impact on the environment based on the policies and commitments from level 1.

Green Commitment

The Management Board of the Industrial Park and enterprise has a policy and commitment to minimize the impact on the environment. Communicate that message effectively to different levels of the Organization.

Strengths of Viet Phat Industrial Park

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