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Customer Focus

Customers choose us because of simplicity in communication and regulation work. Our staff is always dedicated to serving the needs of our customers.


We develop a full cycle of project documentation: sketches, design projects, working documents.


We are proud to be an investor with many years of experience in the field we are investing in. We provide a wide range of services, taking on a variety of industries.

Safety - Quality

Our infrastructure construction process always ensures safety and quality. All steps are supervised and verified by a team of experts and comply with regulations.


Support services throughout the investment process


Build adequate infrastructure, in accordance with standards and regulations. Commitment to ensure the amount of trees at the project.

Professional management system

Support services for investors on legal and environmental issues...

water supply system

Ensure adequate supply of clean water for businesses to go into production

Power supply system

Power supply system to each factory. Electricity prices according to the State's regulations

Wastewater treatment system

Centralized wastewater treatment system according to modern technology

Security & fire fighting system

System of fire hydrants and fire fighting force on site 24/7


  • Competitive price: Land rent in Viet Phat Industrial Park is very competitive compared to the common ground in the area
  • Large clean land fund, infrastructure gradually completed. Therefore, businesses can invest in construction right after signing the contract.
  • Good geology helps investors save a lot of money in the construction of the foundation for the factory.
  • Viet Phat Industrial Park is located at National Highway N2, the route is in the road traffic planning of the Southern region and there has been a decision to upgrade National Highway N2 into a highway (North South – West Expressway).
  • Customers will be supported and consulted by the legal support team of Viet Phat Industrial Park on all documents related to the investment in the industrial park.
  • The relevant procedures such as: Certificate of land use right, investment certificate, business registration, fire prevention and fighting, commitment to environmental protection, … will be supported by the industrial park for customers to register. in the most convenient way.
  • Viet Phat Industrial Park has a total area of 1213.7 Hectare. Total investment area of phase 1 is 295 Hectare.
  • Land use term until 03/2056

Currently, Viet Phat Industrial Park is fully equipped with technical infrastructure facilities to meet the needs of investors.

  • Electricity: 110/220 KVA power grid ensures 24/24 electricity for production and business.
  • Clean Water: The water supply system (According to the standards of the Vietnamese Ministry of Health) is networked to each land area, ready to serve all factories. The estimated system capacity for the whole project is 22,000 m3/day.night (the data may increase or decrease depending on the needs of investors in each period).
  • Wastewater treatment: The wastewater treatment plant’s capacity (expected) receives 17,549 m3/day.night. The centralized wastewater treatment plant receives and treats the output wastewater of all factories from production facilities operating in Viet Phat Industrial Park. Make sure the output meets the prescribed standards.
  • Traffic: Main roads, road width: 58m (road N1, N5, D1). Internal roads have width from 46 m to 25 m
  • Fire protection: The fire hydrant system is arranged along the roads. In addition, Viet Phat Industrial Park also arranges watering areas for specialized fire trucks and dedicated fire fighting team on duty 24/7.

In addition to the one-time payment of the land rental fee at the time of signing the contract, the monthly fees that are incurred include:

  • Infrastructure management fee
  • Electricity, water and wastewater costs.

Fees collected are always in accordance with the rates set by the State

A certificate of land use rights and ownership of houses and other land-attached assets is a legal document for the State to certify land use rights and ownership of houses and other land-attached assets. legal rights of people with land use rights, house ownership and other property rights on land. And according to the Land Law issued by the State of Vietnam, “land users in industrial parks, industrial clusters, export processing zones, hi-tech zones and economic zones are granted a certificate of land use right;”

When the investor completes the payment of 100% of the value of the land lease contract with Tan Thanh Long An Joint Stock Company at the Viet Phat Industrial Park project, we are responsible for providing the land use right certificate to the customer.

Currently, Viet Phat Industrial Park is attracting investment in the form of leasing land with one-time payment for the entire use term. In addition, in the future, the Leadership of Viet Phat industrial Park will deploy the form of leasing ready-built factories and leasing offices. The detailed information will be updated on the website www.kcnvietphat.com