The textile industry is an industry concerned with yarn production, weaving, dyeing, fabric, product design and finishing, garment distribution…
In recent years, the textile and garment industry has been assessed as one of the manufacturing industries that create the most products in Vietnam.
The textile and garment industry has many advantages for development such as: young, abundant human resources, highly skilled workers. The textile and garment industry in Vietnam currently not only serves the domestic market but also receives a lot of processing orders for large corporations in the world.

statistics in 2020

Industrial production index
Growth rate 11,8% per year
Export turnover in the first 6 months
Growth rate 14,9%
Consumption index in the first 6 months
Textile industry up 2.2% Apparel manufacturing industry increased by 9.6%

typical professions

Details of designated industries at Viet Phat industrial park

  • Yarn production 1311-13110
    Production of woven fabrics 1312-13120
    Finishing of textile products 1313-13130
    Manufacture of other textiles 139
    Production of non-woven fabrics 1391-13910
    Sewing (except fur clothing) 141-1410-14100
    Producing knitted and crocheted clothes 143-1430-14300
    Manufacture of suitcases, bags and the like; manufacture seat cushion 1512-15120
    Manufacture of footwear and accessories for the footwear industry
    Production of accessories and accessories for the garment industry