food processing industry

The food production and processing industry in Vietnam in recent years has achieved many important achievements. It is one of the major contributors to the growth of the industry as well as the economy. The growth rate of the production index in the past 5 years has been 7%/year.

The food manufacturing and processing industry accounts for the highest proportion of all manufacturing and manufacturing industries in Vietnam. That shows the importance of the industry and the great demand of consumers.

The expansion of commercialization agreements between Vietnam and countries around the world has created many markets and high competitiveness for the food production and processing industry. And also open the door for Vietnam to receive more foreign investors to invest in this field.

details of groups of industries that receive investment at Viet Phat

Processing and preserving meat and meat products (except slaughtering cattle and poultry) 101-1010

Processing and preserving seafood and aquatic products 102-1020
Processing and preserving vegetables and fruits 103-1030
Production and processing of animal and vegetable oils and fats 104-1040
Processing milk and dairy products 105-1050-10500
Manufacture of cakes and sweets 1071-10710
Producing and processing cashew nuts, tea, coffee
Producing all kinds of noodles, dishes, ready-made foods; Preliminary processing, cleaning and drying of bird’s nest.
Production of animal, poultry and aquatic feed 108-1080-10800
Producing wine, beer, soft drinks, non-alcoholic beverages and mineral water 110
Processing spices