the pulp and paper industry

In Vietnam, the paper industry is an important supporting industry for most other industries, typically packaging paper, product lining paper, media publications…

In addition, the paper industry is also an industry that serves a lot for people’s lives, with typical products such as pulp, printing paper, paper for daily use at home…

Moreover, along with the strong growth in exports of the following industries: aquatic products, footwear, agricultural products, components, electronic equipment… the demand for paper is also increasing. is growing very fast.

details of industries receiving investment at Viet Phat Industrial Park

  • Manufacture of pulp, paper and paperboard (including waste paper) 1701-17010
    Manufacture of wrinkled paper, wrinkled board, packaging from paper and board 1702
    Manufacture of other products of paper and board n.e.c. 1709-17090